2023 FBC Apparel

We had a great response to last year’s apparel order, and there have been multiple people asking about when we are going to do another one… so here’s your chance!  We will be taking orders until November 19.

This year we will have t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, polo shirts, hats and stocking caps available. Please see the picture and links below for the options to choose from.  Prices are listed next to the item style (for XXL add $2, for XXXL add $3)

These items would have the Love God, Love Others, Make Disciples print:

Short Sleeve T-Shirts ($11)

     BC3001 – https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/bella/3001

     BC3001CVC – https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/bella/3001cvc

Long Sleeve T-Shirts ($12)

     5400 – https://www.sanmar.com/p/1950_Black#?doScrollToGrid=true

     PC450LS – https://www.sanmar.com/p/7451_Charcoal#?doScrollToGrid=true

Hoodie ($22)

     DT6100 – https://www.sanmar.com/p/10641_DeepRoyal?text=DT6100

Crewneck ($21)

     DT6104 – https://www.sanmar.com/p/10644_HtCharcoal#?doScrollToGrid=true

Crewneck with a pocket ($24)

     9001 – https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/next_level/9001

These items would have an embroidered FBC Salina icon (the circle with the cross)

Polo Shirt ($20)

     ST550 – https://www.sanmar.com/p/9060_Maroon#?doScrollToGrid=true

Hat ($20)

     112 – https://m2.richardsonsports.com/112.html

Stocking Cap ($13)

     CP90 – https://www.sanmar.com/p/853_Black#?doScrollToGrid=true

If there is a different item that you would like, that you don’t see above, please take a look at this website.  We can try to order anything listed here, we just won’t know the exact price on those items.


If you have questions or to place an order, please contact Jon Herbel (785-643-2939)